Monday, August 11, 2014

Recent things

Rainbow of macaron.

Thine Cupcake Warriors hath returned!

The very first RESIN minions! 
This (hopefully) will be the future of all my personal minions. I'm working on making the transition from polymer clay.....but because I have a lot of variety (and that is what seems to appeal to people), it will take some time before my personal-minion-army is adequately rebuilt and in its full effect. I don't think I'll be able to realistically do this before Christmas, but my *goal* is that by next spring they will be entirely resin-ated. 

Swarovski crystal rainbow narwhal!

Narwhal o' the sky.

(assuming all goes well during the mold-making process this time around!)

1.) Resin donut wedding cake toppers (as they say, 3rd time's a charm!)
2.) Chocolate Truffle magnets (again, 3rd time's a charm. I am determined this will work!!)
3.) Grumpy Sheep
4.) Boston Terrier wedding cake toppers
5.) Pug wedding cake toppers
6.) Gingerbread beast

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014


He's resin and polymer clay, painted with Monster Kolor, Pearl Ex pigments and high gloss varnish. Attached to a glass base, which is accented with rhinestones for extra fanciness.

Topping (dominating!) a 6 inch cake.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Cakezilla Adornments

Cakezilla wouldn't be "Cakezilla" without somebody to menace. These guys will go in his upraised fist. 

Also, you can see the reason in the photo of why I don't get manicures. Airbrush paint is stubborn stuff.  I've accepted the fact that my hands are for utility, not beauty. Maybe I should hire a hand model for these sorts of shots so people don't assume that I'm a disgusting troll. 

Cakezilla likes pretty roses. These will go around his base.


This photo sums up the relationship Luna has with every creature on the planet. She will not hesitate to dominate the heck out of you.

They have almost formed an upsidown "F." But not quite....They need more practice before they'll make the cheerleading squad.


Maybe Fuzz Button has decided to be productive today.