Thursday, December 11, 2014

Final Flea-ing and a Proposal for High Fives!

Hear ye! Hear ye! The last Flea of 2014 is upon us!

Tomorrow night (tickets required), Saturday & Sunday. I set up my booth yesterday and it seems like a nice space with decent parking options (as artfully depicted in their map!!) 

6555 Carnegie Ave, Cleveland.

I'm on the 4th floor, with the other gift-oriented vendors (food is on the 2nd floor)

So in my TOTALLY biased opinion, if you're in the area you should come see me! I've been working like a fiend on a slew of new stuff with a whole new presentation and I'm quite excited about it.

And if the mood strikes you, I'm fully encouraging any high-fives and ridiculous smiles you want to send my way. And of course I'd love to high-five you back! 

Seriously. I'm *officially* requesting this.

Cuz you know......I'm not above admitting that I could simply use a little positive energy right now (as we all could, I'm sure!) So hence the high-five fest that I'm proposing: 


Anyway, if you're in the vicinity of the CLE, I hope to see you this weekend!

And in the meantime, if you're reading this, you can consider a virtual high-five sent your way!!!



Friday, December 5, 2014

Luna the Walrus-Hutt

I found this creature on my leg the other night (and snoring loudly.....just add that to the image.) 

I'm growing to suspect that my terrier is actually a walrus. 

We never got papers for her, so it's entirely possible that she was actually a lost walrus cub that my friend found roaming in the Cleveland streets (yes, that is how this little bundle of joy came into our lives) I've never seen a street walrus before, but Luna is sort of a miracle in her own right.

Still, I have doubts, as walruses are not super common in Lake Erie. 
I have another theory:

Call George Lucas. We have a new episode lined up!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Joy of Making Stuff!!!!

This  photo was sent to me by Lauren, a young lady that I met in 2013 at a local art fair. She started sculpting after we met, and it's been wonderful to see all the pieces that she has made since then! Way to go Lauren! And thank you for sharing your work with me. I'm so happy that you're enjoying the wonderful world of polymer clay!

It's an amazing compliment to hear from so many kids and parents that visiting the RoC booth has inspired them to try (and enjoy!) polymer clay sculpture. At the core, that IS why I make absurd little characters in the first place......TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. I'm thrilled that over the last 3 years, The Republic of Cute has been a source of inspiration for young people, and has spread my message that creativity, a sense of humor, and being yourself is totally the way to go. Stay creative, Cleveland!!! The Republic of Cute salutes you!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Photos I forgot to post

So apparently I haven't posted on here in approximately forever and a half.


So let me make up for lost time by posting a ridiculous amount of photos in one shot:

Bunny scowls his way down Madison Ave.

Sheep were on the loose in Lakewood. Citizens fled in terror.

Mortal Kombat: Pink Pet vs. Ben.
Ben Wins. Flawless Victory. 
(it would have been more of a fair fight if Pink Pet had the ability to reach the buttons)

I stripped all of the paint of this Boston Terrier and it ended up looking like a zombie.

Stella deflated 3 basketballs.

4 Cakezillas came into being.


Luna was weird (surprise).

Photo shoots + candy.

Luna and Stella snuggled

It snowed and I found a yeti in my tree.

Pink Pet went to the Akron Art Museum and discovered his mom (the Inverted Q) sitting in the front entrance.

Luna was possessed.

Ginger Beasts ran amok.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The debut of the RESIN Personal Minions!

The last Flea of the season is this Saturday!

The great debut of the RESIN MINIONS will commence. I'm so excited. I've been working so hard on these for months to build up a starter-stock.

That also means that the POLYMER minions are finally being retired!
I still have a bunch of them, so I'll be having a pretty big polymer clay clearance sale. Once these are gone, they are GONE. I do not have any intention of going back to polymer any time soon, so if poly clay is your thing, get them while the gettin's good!

A Donut is Forever

Donut necklaces!

Coming with me to this weekend's Flea and will be online soon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Truffle Magnets in da SHOP!

Truffle Magnets are now in the online shop!
Available as "Blind Box" trios for $20
or as specific, made-to-order characters for $8 each.

They're also coming with me to this Saturday's Cleveland Flea.

When you order in multiples of 3, they come in a fancy-schmancy truffle box! I've been hoarding a stock of these boxes for years. Literally, YEARS. Hopefully I can use them now.

These are the specific characters currently available to order. 

Please excuse the literary reference-theme, I was just amusing myself in a nerdlike way (and as I typed them I could practically hear Ben saying, "What the *bleep* is a FYODOR???") But if you get it, congrats. You can feel all edumacated and stuffz.