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Welcome to The Republic of Cute®

The Republic of Cute® specializes in handmade, original characters figurines as well as a comic series that stars them!

We are equally (if not more) renowned for offering the most unique, well-crafted, and luxurious wedding cake toppers around.

Everything we produce is of our own design, made completely in-house, and with the highest quality materials and processes. Our mission is to promote happiness, love and spread good feelings through our creativity, humor, and obsessive attention to artistic details.

COMING FEBRUARY 2016: the theme is "wedding stuff!"



So the big moment has finally arrived. I'm re-introducing this "short and cute" style of elephants. They are 3.5 inches tall, a little pudgy, and a lot CUTE. It's supposed to be a "throwback" style to my 2012 versions, which so many people seem to love. But you know.....I don't have a time machine, so this is actually a 2016 version of a 2012 version. That means that it has cuteness all its own! ;)




I've had these for almost a year now, but am just now offering them for sale! This is a teeny, wee, little miniature version of the decorated indian elephant cake toppers. They are tiny, so they would be suitable for a bridal party or wedding shower gift, wedding favors, or just as a cute little set for your desk or home. These can be customized when you order in larger quantities, and if you're interested in such an order, just send us an email, let us know the amount you would like, and we'll be happy to give you a wholesale quote.


I know, I know. I've been saying this for a long time. "He's almost ready." And--side note--Cakezilla has taken more R&D time than anything I've ever done. But he's coming. I'm not letting him off the hook that easily. 

SURPRISE WEDDING CAKE TOPPER. Note: "surprise" is codeword for "I don't have this sculpture really started yet so I just want to hint at what I'm planning to do, then cross my fingers that it all goes as planned." Here are the said hints:

It is a wedding cake topper. I would place it in the "ELEGANT" category of my shop. It will be customizable. It is NOT an elephant, but it is definitely South-Asian inspired. It is COMING SOON, unless something horrible happens to my design plans (which it shouldn't, but being the professional worrier I am, I can't help but insert that disclaimer there.) One day I will learn not do that, but alas, that day is not today.

If you have questions about The Republic of Cute®, your recent order, just want to say "Yo," or send Buck some fan mail, you are welcome to contact us directly at