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Welcome to The Republic of Cute®

The Republic of Cute® specializes in creating original characters that will enthusiastically bum-rush themselves into your consciousness. We come to you in many forms: comics, illustrations, and handmade figurines, each designed to propel you to uncharted levels of slap-happiness,  allow your inner child run amok, and give your imagination its regular dose of "cuteness" that it craves. 


We bring our free spirited characters to life through mindful, handmade craftsmanship, propelled by an artist's love, a careful eye, a steady hand, an eager mind, and the best materials we can get our paws on.


Things we love:

  • Fanfare for fanfare's sake

  • Snack quests

  • Spontaneous dance-offs

  • Rappin bout life, yo

  • Cheese

  • Competitive lounging

  • Power ballads

  • The fine art of classical sock puppetry

  • Mythical beasts

  • Kittens

  • Mythical beasts that may be masquerading as kittens

  • Learning stuff (increases the odds of acquiring chips)

"Buck Rules" ~Buck

If you have questions about The Republic of Cute®, your recent order, just want to say "Yo," or send Buck some fan mail, you are welcome to contact us directly at